The Envelope Please...(Student September 2017 ACT Results)

The September 2017 ACT test results are in! My students had amazing results. They worked very hard and it showed in their scores. Hard work with Weathervane Prep has helped them achieve their goals.

Find out how Hannah increased her Science score by 7 points and her English score by 6 points!

Find out how Alec scored a 30 on his first ACT test!

Find out how Chloe increased her Composite score to 32!

Find out how Lauren increased her Reading score by 9 points!

Find out how Olivia increased her English score by 10 points!!

The list truly goes on and on. My favorite story of this test session involves a young man who worked with me for weeks for the June 2017 ACT test. Unfortunately, he overslept and missed the test. The September 2017 test was his last chance to increase his score before applying to schools for early decision. He worked diligently over the summer and....(drum roll please)....received a 33 Composite score!!

Hard Work. Weathervane Prep. Results.