Here We Go! (Student & Coach December 2017 score results)

The December 2017 ACT test scores are in! I was among the many who took the December test! (I know - other students at my test site couldn't believe it either...) More about that later. But first - my students! My top scorer received a 33 on the test! What a huge accomplishment. One student increased her Science score by 8 points! Another student increased her composite score by 3 points. It was the first ACT for one of my students, and he scored 8 points higher on the Science section and 7 points higher on the Math section as compared to his practice tests! All of my students put a lot of effort into the test, especially considering they were also preparing for mid-terms at the same time. I so proud of them. As for me? I scored a 36 on English and on Reading.