The Littles: The Difference Between 'Then' and 'Than'

Weathervane Prep is going to start sending out 'The Littles' - little hints to help you on the ACT and SAT. Today's 'Little' is all about getting you ready for the ACT.

As we approach the February 11, 2017 ACT test, (you have registered, right?) here's a little hint on how to distinguish between 'THEN' and 'THAN':

THEN is an adverb and is usually used to indicate time or the time in question. It also creates something that is somewhat chronological in nature.

Example:  I had a shower THEN had breakfast.

HINT: notes that both THEN and TIME have a letter E in them.

THAN is a conjunction and preposition and is used to introduce the second element of a comparison or contrast.

Example: My shower was longer THAN yours.

HINT: notes that both THAN and COMPARISON have a letter A in them.

Easy-peasy? As always, if you have any questions or need any help prior to the ACT or SAT - go to the CONTACT page of this site and just send me a quick email. Weathervane Prep is always ready to help!