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I was so disappointed to read the following article in the news today about wealthy families paying a test prep organization to facilitate cheating for their students, as well as college coaches and administrators being involved in this cheating scandal.

Weathervane Prep is here to help your student reach their goal score through hard work, practice, and one-on-one communication. My students’ improvement reflect their conscientiousness, diligence, and perseverance. They work hard to reach their goals. Just ask Sean C. who went from a 23 in English to a 30; Evan P. who went from a 23 in Reading to a 30; and Max B. who went from an 18 in Math to a 28.

As famed coach Vince Lombardi said, “The only place success comes before hard work is in the dictionary.”

Weathervane Prep - helping students reach the pinnacle of their success.

The Littles: The "Double Whammy"

As the word in the photo above indicates - I want all of my students to EMERGE with their best scores after this week's ACT test. Weathervane Prep sends out 'The Littles', which are little hints to help you on the ACT and/or SAT. Today's 'Little' is all about getting you ready for the ACT.

As we approach the February 10, 2018 ACT test, here's a little hint regarding what I like to call the "Double Whammy".

Here is an example from the free 2005-06 ACT test:

The Navajo language is complex, with a structure and sounds that makes them unintelligible to anyone without extensive exposure to it.

Your answer choices are:
A. makes them
B. makes it
C. make it
D. make them

The "Double Whammy" is a subject/verb agreement and pronoun/antecedent agreement question - all in the same question. (Hence the term "Double Whammy.") Makes or make is the verb that must agree in number with a subject. Them or it is a pronoun that must agree in number with an antecedent (something earlier in the text.) A student's first response is that makes must refer to Navajo language. WRONG! Navajo language has its own verb already - IS. Makes or make actually refers to the subject 'structure and sounds', which is plural. (Think "they make") Them or it refers to Navajo language, which is singular. The correct answer, you ask? C. MAKE IT.

Hope you get to use that awesome "Little" - and good luck on Saturday!

Here We Go! (Student & Coach December 2017 score results)

The December 2017 ACT test scores are in! I was among the many who took the December test! (I know - other students at my test site couldn't believe it either...) More about that later. But first - my students! My top scorer received a 33 on the test! What a huge accomplishment. One student increased her Science score by 8 points! Another student increased her composite score by 3 points. It was the first ACT for one of my students, and he scored 8 points higher on the Science section and 7 points higher on the Math section as compared to his practice tests! All of my students put a lot of effort into the test, especially considering they were also preparing for mid-terms at the same time. I so proud of them. As for me? I scored a 36 on English and on Reading.

And The Winner Is...(Student October 2017 ACT score results)

I am so proud of my students who took the October 2017 ACT test. They worked very hard and each student obtained amazing increases.

Find out how Molly scored a 35!!

Find out how Marisa increased her English score by 8 and obtained a composite score of 30!

Find out how Maithili obtained a 34 on her English!

Weathervane Prep can help you achieve the score you need to succeed.

The Envelope Please...(Student September 2017 ACT Results)

The September 2017 ACT test results are in! My students had amazing results. They worked very hard and it showed in their scores. Hard work with Weathervane Prep has helped them achieve their goals.

Find out how Hannah increased her Science score by 7 points and her English score by 6 points!

Find out how Alec scored a 30 on his first ACT test!

Find out how Chloe increased her Composite score to 32!

Find out how Lauren increased her Reading score by 9 points!

Find out how Olivia increased her English score by 10 points!!

The list truly goes on and on. My favorite story of this test session involves a young man who worked with me for weeks for the June 2017 ACT test. Unfortunately, he overslept and missed the test. The September 2017 test was his last chance to increase his score before applying to schools for early decision. He worked diligently over the summer and....(drum roll please)....received a 33 Composite score!!

Hard Work. Weathervane Prep. Results.

SAT TEST DATES 2017-2018

Upcoming dates for the SAT test include:

October 7, 2017 (Registration deadline of 09.08.17; late registration deadline of 09.27.17)

November 4, 2017 (Registration deadline of 10.05.17; late registration deadline of 10.25.17)

December 2, 2017 (Registration deadline of 11.02.17; late registration deadline of 11.21.17)

March 10, 2018 (Registration deadline of 02.09.18; late registration deadline of 02.28.18)

May 5, 2018 (Registration deadline of 04.06.18; late registration deadline of 04.25.18)

June 2, 2018 (Registration deadline of 05.03.18; late registration deadline of 05.23.18)

ACT TEST DATES 2017-2019

Upcoming dates for the ACT test include:

October 29, 2017 (Registration deadline of 09.22.17; late registration deadline of 10.06.17)

December 9, 2017 (Registration deadline of 11.03.17; late registration deadline of 11.17.17)

February 10, 2018 (Registration deadline of 01.12.18; late registration deadline of 01.19.18)

April 14, 2018 (Registration deadline of 03.09.18; late registration deadline of 03.23.18)

June 9, 2018 (Registration deadline of 05.04.18; late registration deadline of 05.18.18)

July 14, 2018 (Registration deadline of 06.15.18; late registration deadline of 06.22.18)

September 9, 2018 (Registration deadline to be determined)

October 27, 2018 (Registration deadline to be determined)

December 8, 2018 (Registration deadline to be determined)

February 9, 2019 (Registration deadline to be determined)

April 13, 2019 (Registration deadline to be determined)

June 8, 2019 (Registration deadline to be determined)

July 13, 2019 (Registration deadline to be determined)

The Littles: The Difference Between 'Then' and 'Than'

Weathervane Prep is going to start sending out 'The Littles' - little hints to help you on the ACT and SAT. Today's 'Little' is all about getting you ready for the ACT.

As we approach the February 11, 2017 ACT test, (you have registered, right?) here's a little hint on how to distinguish between 'THEN' and 'THAN':

THEN is an adverb and is usually used to indicate time or the time in question. It also creates something that is somewhat chronological in nature.

Example:  I had a shower THEN had breakfast.

HINT: notes that both THEN and TIME have a letter E in them.

THAN is a conjunction and preposition and is used to introduce the second element of a comparison or contrast.

Example: My shower was longer THAN yours.

HINT: notes that both THAN and COMPARISON have a letter A in them.

Easy-peasy? As always, if you have any questions or need any help prior to the ACT or SAT - go to the CONTACT page of this site and just send me a quick email. Weathervane Prep is always ready to help!

January SAT Registration Deadline

Don't forget to register for the January 21, 2017 SAT! The registration deadline is tomorrow - December 21, 2016. The late registration deadline is January 10th for registrations made online or by phone. (January 3rd is the deadline for mailed registrations.)

SAT Registration Link

Although it's too late for Weathervane Prep to help you prepare for the January 21st SAT - we are certainly available to help you prep for the March 11, 2017 SAT!

Contact us for more information regarding the March 11, 2017 SAT.

Wishing you great success!

~ Pamela Vizdos


5 Tips to Avoid Junior 'End-of-Year' Mistakes

Ahhh....spring is in the air, you're back from break, and summer is just around the corner. Time for relaxing, easing back on your school work, and preparing for summer. Well, think again. These last few months of your junior year are critical if you plan on going to college. Colleges now take a hard look at end of junior year grades as well as your senior year grades. So how do you avoid the pitfalls and traps of 'end-of-year-itis'? Here are 5 tips to help you move successfully through the end of your junior year:

1. BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES: Have an A plan in place, a B plan in place, and prepare for adverse conditions. Do not let your guard down these last few months. Keep studying and keep those grades up. If you need to relax, do so for a day or two only. Do not get caught in the trap of losing steam at this point of your journey. Make sure you're planning and researching colleges. Are you registered for the SAT and ACT tests in June? Maybe you need to think about taking the September and/or October tests as well.

2. KEEP A WEATHER EYE OPEN: Keep an eye on where trouble might come from. Feeling like your pre-calc class is too much? Ask to meet with your teacher to review specific problems. Still having trouble? Try to line up a tutor. Having concerns about college choices? Schedule an appointment to meet with your guidance counselor. Maybe you're having social issues. Try to talk to family members or friends - create your support system to help you through these difficult times.

3. STAY THE COURSE: Do not vary from your intended destination. Do you have a goal to obtain a 28 on the ACT? Keep practicing until you reach that goal. Is your goal to be admitted into the National Honors Society? Network with teachers and other adults who will give you outstanding recommendations. Identify your goal and determine what daily steps will allow you to reach that goal. Work towards your goal on a daily basis, even if it's baby steps. Have you identified your top 5 colleges yet? Have you visited any of the schools? You can always visit virtually through college websites. 

4. TAKE NO PRISONERS: Be uncompromising in the pursuit of your objectives. Do you want to end the year with a high GPA? You may have to spend your Friday night studying instead of hanging out with friends. Make time for your friends on Saturday. Set your priorities and work towards them. "Work like a Captain, but play like a Pirate." You can work hard and still have time to relax and spend time with your friends - just make sure that you stay focused on the end game.

5. COLLECT THE BOOTY: Now is the time to search for scholarships. Is there local scholarship information that is readily available through the guidance office of your high school? Fastweb Scholarships is a great website that can hook you up with potential scholarships. Work on any additional financial aid opportunities. What about a work/study program at the college of your choice? Do you have a summer job lined up? Feel the need to dig deeper for that treasure? There are many private individuals who can help you sift through scholarship opportunities. Search them out and ask for help.

Hang in there! Set your goals, prioritize them, and work towards them every day. Remember that Weathervane Prep is a great place to go for help with your test prep needs.